Sothy’s farm: an organic Cambodian pepper farm

Famous for its pepper, Kampot counts many pepper farms, hold by foreigners or locals. Visit one is part of the top things to do when you visit the city . So the question is: which one? 💡 Let’s check out an organic farm! Actually many of them are organic pepper farms, which is good but not a relevant selective criteria 🤔 

Big coincidence! We were in Kampot at the same time than some friends! Meeting up with them 🍻 helped in making our decision: to not go at La Plantation. Although it is an organic farm, labeled with all well-known AB, IGP, ECOCERT labels etc, hold by a French guy, nice, happy and proud to present his work, he is also very very talkative as mentioned by our friends. Reviews about tours at his farm indicate that it lasts about an hour and a half. Our friends confirmed, but enjoyed their tour though. Anyway, the choice was made: Sothy’s farm!


Entrance to reach Sothy’s Pepper farm @Sustinable

You know you are closed to it when you see the above signs (see picture). 600 meters later here you are: at Sothy’s farm! What catch the eye upon arrival are the solar panels used over the house roof, the kettle heating system using solar energy, the lovely house and restaurant part and the shop where peppers of course, scarfs and other handicrafts can be bought.


Solar energy used at Sothy’s farm! @Sustinable

Sothy welcomed us and looked for an English speaking staff to guide us in the farm. Before becoming Sothy’s farm, it was “Chez Christophe”. 

After explaining all the basics about pepper cultivation in Kampot, we had the opportunity to visit one of the plantation. Since pepper plants are very fragile, only harvest by hand (no machine) is practiced. The harvest season had just passed (March – April) so only the young pepper branches were remaining. To protect the pepper from the sun, they use small wood branches to make shadow and to protect the plants from caterpillars 🐛 they use a mixture made of lemongrass, quinine, tobacco and neem leaves. To grow the plants the manure used is made of 80% cows and 20% bats. Other pepper plantations are located farther. 


One of Sothy’s pepper farm @Sustinable

Kampot pepper are quite expensive, this is why it is mainly used for high officials in Cambodia and bought by foreigners. But why Kampot pepper is so particular? One of the reasons is the composition of the soil, which is made of quartz.

In the garden, other nice things to see: durian trees, lemongrass bushes, mango trees all cultivated with organic methods. 


Other things in the garden: durian trees, lemongrass, coconut trees, mango trees 🙂 @Sustinable

After the visit (in total about 30 mn) you have the opportunity to have a delicious meal for about 5 USD 🤗

And if you are lucky*, you can get a fresh organic mango for dessert 🤗


Delicious meals you can taste at Sothy’s farm: amok, beef lok lak, seafood with pepper and organic mango 🙂 @Sustinable

*since they are organic mangoes, some mangoes may contain some insects.