Today’s pollution and trash dumping into the ocean have created what is known as the Great Pacific garbage patch. There is eight million tons of plastic dumped in ocean every yearConsequences of such pollution are numerous and disastrous (Click here for some examples 12).

Nature has always been a real source of inspiration for artists. Some contemporary artists – like Yao Lu – have used arts to denounce such pollutionArtist and scientist Bonnie Monteleone, did the same, by giving us an updated view of what could have been the famous Hokusai’s Great wave print, if it was made today…

During the 19th century, Hokusai managed to illustrate very well the power and the beauty of nature.

Today, Bonnie Monteleone managed to show us the power of plastic dumping in nature.

Watch this video to get more information about her artwork and here to learn more about the Plastic Ocean Project.