Which Grand Prix winners have successfully managed to make people change and adopt “good” habits? Let’s have a look at the Campaigns for Change in past Cannes Lions… 60th Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Awards has arrived! For 60 years now Cannes Lions rewards inspiring creative campaigns. What about inspiring an audience to be sustainable? Looking at the past 2012 Grand Prix winners, the main message conveyed was contribution and sharing. Although contribution and sharing are also part of sustainability, which Grand Prix winners had a very strong message related to sustainability? More importantly, which Grand Prix winners have successfully managed to make people change and adopt “good” habits? This is THE challenge. Among the Grand Prix winners of 2012, 5 campaigns were encouraging people to change their habits and 3 of them raised awareness among the audience. Let’s have a look to the lessons we learnt from these challenges taken and the results of the campaigns that came out. Let’s see if the winners of this year will also inspire not only creativity but also sustainability!

Top 5 campaigns for change

help3 help4

1.  A small contribution in one’s daily life can save a life 

  • Grand Prix for Good: Help Remedies, ‘Help I Want To Save A Life’
  • Challenge: To make the process of registration of Marrow Donor Registry easy in order to increase the number of donors to save people diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma in the world. How? Thanks to a marrow registry kit put into a box of bandages.
  • Results: Since the launch of Droga5’s campaign, the number of marrow donor registrations has tripled.

songs for blog

2. Don’t stay inert, be active!

  • Grand Prix PR: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, ‘The Most Popular Song’
  • Challenge: As said the presentation video of this Grand Prix winner “Unemployment is a global crisis. But while the rest of the world struggles to find jobs, Puerto Rico struggles to find people who want to work.” The challenge of the Banco Popular was to encourage people to stop indolence and work. Banco Popular has transformed the greatest salsa hit of all time, “No Hago Más Ná,” (“I Do Nothing.”) of El Gran Combo band.  The band has indeed released a new version of their old hit song with new lyrics addressing a whole different message: inviting people to do something.
  • Result: Not only this new version of the song became as much popular as the original version, this new version became associated to the Banco Popular brand.  Even better, the song had the desired effect: People of Puerto Rico were collaborating altogether, corporations and community organisations, workers and entrepreneurs in the aim of developing the island. In other words: challenge succeeded. Let’s see if a song with the lyrics: “I’m recycling and caring” would have such an impact.


3. Energise yourself by moving

  • Grand Prix Cyber, Grand Prix Titanium & Integrated: Nike + Fuelband, “Life is a sport. Make it count.”
  • Challenge: Turn sport as something easy and part of our life, that can be practiced anywhere and anyhow, that brings benefits to your body; that fuels it. Through FuelBand device, Nike highlights how any movement we do “count” as soon as our body is ‘activated’.
  • Results: Putting it within a competitive and sharing platform, Nike + FuelBand encourage people to move even more. Not only the user is challenging her/himself by setting her/his own goal, but such platform has created a community. At the launch the campaign was such a success that the FuelBrand was sold out within minutes (!)

radio 2 radio 3

4. Repellent radio rather than repellent product

  • Grand Prix Radio: Go Outside Magazine, ‘Repellent Radio’
  • Challenge: Encourage outside activities during mosquitos’ rush hour! Thanks to a special musical program broadcast for 3 weeks between 18h and 20h – mosquitos’ rush hour – with a frequency of 15 kHz, inaudible for human beings, but frightening for mosquitos. Indeed, this frequency is emitted by dragonflies, formidable predators of mosquitoes. By listening to this local program, the audience could enjoy being outside without taking the risk of being bitten.
  • Results: A successful anti-mosquito operations since some are already thinking to apply this device in areas where mosquito bites can cause serious illness. Where barbecue is a popular tradition in Turkey whenever the weather allows it, it would be so great to have such programs to enjoy even more being outside!

small 2

5. Shop local, impact global

  • Grand Prix Promo & Activation and Grand Prix Direct: American Express, ‘Small Business Gets An Official Day’
  • Challenge: Enable small businesses of all US to get more customers by encouraging people to buy local on a dedicated day: ‘Small Business Saturday’. Through such operation American Express highlighted the importance of small businesses that are actually right at our corner. Why go so far and to so big chain stores when what we need is just at some footsteps? Price maybe? Then if we consider the fuel or transport time versus the benefits brought to the small business owner… does it worth to go so far when everything may be so close?
  • Results: In 2011, 103 million Americans shopped at small businesses including President Obama. In addition, the US Senate has declared Small Business Saturday as an official day, only 2 years after its launch.

Top 3 campaigns for catching attention


1. Eat sustainable

  • Grand Prix Branded Content: Chipotle, ‘Cultivate Campaign’ and Grand Prix Film: Chipotle, ‘Back To The Start’
  • Challenge: How to eat better thanks to… fast food? Chipotle is raising awareness by showing that sources of what we eat is more important than the freshness of the ingredients composing our plate. Chipotle is caring about its environmental and social impact; they care about how food is produced, where and by whom, they named it “Food With Integrity”. Through its campaign, Chipotle shared with its customers their history and the way they run their business with the perfect soundtrack illustration: ‘The Scientist’ of Coldplay interpreted by Willie Nelson.
  • Results: Association of the song and rising awareness were a success. Among all the great results Chipotle film was ranked #4 ‘Most Buzzed about Ad Online’ and #1 for ‘Positive Brand Sentiment’ according to NYTimes/Zeta. To date, the film has been viewed over 7,3 million times on YouTube.


2. Carbon emissions reduction

  • Grand Prix Outdoor / Ambient: Daimler, ‘The Invisible Drive’
  • Challenge: One of the point source of atmospheric pollution is vehicle exhaustion. Daimler has created the first hydrogen-powered car, that is to say the first vehicle with zero impact on the environment. The best way to communicate on something invisible to the environment is to make it visibly… invisible! Covered with LEDs on one side and Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras on the other, the car became actually invisible and triggered multiple questions from encountered passengers and on the web.
  • Results: The main effect of the campaign created a huge buzz all over the world. But on the top of that, the awareness message is strong; it reminds the audience that besides this car, others are visible so as their exhaustion in the environment.

Austria solar

3. Solar energy, a powerful renewable energy source

  • Grand Prix Design: Austria Solar, ‘The Solar Annual Report 2011’
  • Challenge: Create a support for an annual report reflecting the innovative characteristic of the Company.
  • Result: The annual report of Austria Solar has been printed over a tailored-made support that could be read under sunlight only.

The success was as such, the report had to be reprinted; it has showed how an annual report, which usually reflects only financial performance, has managed to trigger attention on environment by combining the necessary use of natural light.