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Toward a new ad landscape to come?

New comers are shaking the Ad World, leading to questions related to how to sustain on the market. Add client pressure and budget issues, the ingredients to put ad agencies in a challenging environment are all gathered.  With Publicis Groupe forbidding all of its agencies from participating in awards shows in 2018 last June, the coming months appear to draw a quite new landscape in the Ad World. In services, innovation, creativity and production are coming from talents. Are they the key to sustain? How to attract and keep talents? Social relations and working conditions may be a leverage.


Source: AdAge

IBM, Accenture, PwC and Deloitte may become the Big 4 of marketing services?

Ad world is drastically changing. In AdAge, E.J. Schultz highlighted that this year, “for the first time ever, four consultancies have cracked Ad Age’s ranking of the 10 largest agency companies in the world”. More recently, Gideon Spanier wrote in his Campaign UK column that “Publicis Groupe and WPP are takeover targets because agency groups are under pressure and Accenture looks the most credible buyer, according to a leading French bank.” What to expect? Well, we shall see in the coming months…


Source: attentia

Promote wellness to attract talents

In such context, focus may be on talents. How to keep and attract them? A common question for many companies, which applies to the Ad World as well. Salaries may be a leverage, but let’s face it, this means belongs to the “old weapons”. Challenges, responsibilities and opportunities to evolve are of course key factors, but to differentiate an agency to another other things need to be used. Today, to attract talents the trend goes to wellness and social aspects promotion: gym available at the premises, possibilities to work with flexibility, home office, creation of Chief Happiness Officer etc. Pecuniary aspects have still their importance, but let’s not forget that millenials and xenials are the wanted profiles and favor pleasant working environment.

Change the Ad World

In the 60’s working for an agency was synonym to success. According to Universum Global, the TOP 5 dream companies for business students around the world are Google, Goldman Sachs, Apple, EY and PwC. The survey also revealed that work-life balance is the number-one career goal in 10 of the 12 countries surveyed. Details related to work environment is now part of many job descriptions. Also, because of companies like Google have revolutionized work environment other companies such as EY or PwC have adapt their ways of working, inspired by start-ups. Forget the strict atmosphere, let’s place to new premises thought and designed for its employees. The lay out can even compete with creative agencies! In France, BETC has taken the change with premises built to host its +900 employees.

As demonstrated by Darwin, the best adapted to their environments are more likely to sustain. What shall we expect for the future of Ad World?