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Mr Selfie

Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing fixation with what is going on our smartphones – if it’s not ourselves, then we regularly see other people walking down the street pre-occupied with their phones, we see buses and trains full of commuters fixated on their little screens desperate for some information fix and it’s not uncommon to see friends in restaurants interacting with their phones rather than each other – all missing what is going on around them and reducing their quality of life as a result.

This short animation is a playful tale of this modern phenomenon…


DowJones, CAC40, FTSE, Borsa Istanbul, and the like are so many indexes that organisations are following to get an idea of their business environment. But the one, organisations should really focus on for their sustainability communication is probably SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index. Every day, doesn’t your entourage ask you: “Have you been to the place I checked in in Foursquare? Did you see this company’s page on Facebook, there is a contest to win a car? Did you see on Twitter this Company is launching a discount campaign? Did you check out my Instagram? Etc.” Questions not so common just 3 years ago.

Go social a trend? No rather a MUST

Social media has become an essential means of communication if not THE means to use, especially in the area of sustainability. The key word defining today’s communication are: contribution, authenticity, transparency, community. Through social media, organizations are involving their stakeholders through “live” operations, which make them feel as part of the whole process and result.  As said Matthew Yeomans, co-founder of Social Media Influence and director of Custom Communication, a social media sustainability consultancy,  “By empowering people with the sensibility that their voice matters and can make a difference, social media technologies have changed forever the way people communicate and act online.”

SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index: Top 10

The SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index considered their ranking on a base of 400 companies using social media channel for communication with a focus on communicating sustainability. Of the 400, 176 appeared to have matched the criteria, and were ranked. This is an encouraging number, as it increased compared to 2011: 120 companies were counted. However, the SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index does not aim to give an opinion on sustainability actions made by companies, but evaluate how those actions are communicated successfully through social media. Thus, as written on Wizness, social media sustainability communications of companies were assessed based on:

  1. How often they publish, update their sustainability social media channels?
  2. How transparent they are in allowing comments and responding to comments and conversation?
  3. How authentic is their social media content? Do they communicate what the company is doing or what it says it would like to do?
  4. How creative and innovative is the social media content?
  5. How useful is the information and conversation to the community?
  6. How “social” is the Sustainability or Corporate Responsibility Report?

From this ranking, here is an overview of the Top 10 of 2012:


Follow the Green Twitterati

The Green Twitterati is a list of 100 top tweeters accounts that are dedicated to sustainability and business, updated every 6 months. Accounts are from categorised based on their sector: media, agencies and consultants, companies, government and academia.  SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index: a tool for benchmark and measure organisation’s performance SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index provides data related to social media best practices and failures communication campaigns of companies. It is a very useful source of information to benchmark organisation performance all over the world. The breakdown of the top 100 companies included in the 2012 Index is as follows, But where is Turkey? Let’s see if in the 2013 index a Turkish company will be part of it…

country breakdown